Day 6: Spine (of a book)

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March Book Photo Challenge: Day Nine 
Book Haul — Sneak peak into my book haul for the month.

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Bookshelf by Cory on Flickr.

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by micamulloy

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april book photo challenge - day 2, newest purchase:
- lord of the flies - william golding
- alice’s adventures in wonderland - lewis carroll
- the night circus - erin morgenstern
- a dance with dragons - george r.r. martin

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April Book Photo Challenge:

::sigh of relief:: Wow I did not think I was going to finish this in time. I’ve been so busy with school that I almost forgot about the challenge. I really like this month’s look and the prompts, I hope you like them too. I can’t wait to see what you all post! As always, remember to have fun and please your own photography! 

xoxo Jessica ~ Books and Cupcakes

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March Book Photo Challenge: Day 31

Read this month:


March 30- Freebie

"Freebie" really just means "admire the new Harry Potter covers for the billionth time."

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March Book Photo Challenge: Day 30 



March Book Photo Challenge: Day 12. Bookish Place

my little reading bench in my room

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